Unlocking Real Change With Nutrition

Sylvan combines the expertise of our registered dietitians, the creativity of our meal plans, and the accessibility of our digital platform to make managing your health with food easy and enjoyable.


Our personalized approach provides you with the tools you need to build the foundation for a healthier you


Partner with a Dietitian

All patients get access to a Sylvan registered dietitian as partners in accountability, goal setting, and more


Nutrition Toolkit

Curated, personalized content designed around your preferences and dietary needs to enhance your health journey


Custom Meal Planning

Access to meal plans that are simple, affordable, delicious, and specific to your health goals


Referred To Sylvan, What Happens Next?


Our team checks your benefits to ensure you have full transparency about what your insurance plan covers prior to your appointment


We’ll send you an invitation to the Sylvan platform


Schedule your visits on your time – Sylvan dietitians are available every day of the week to offer nutrition support


Your initial consultation: get to know your registered dietitian and build the foundation for a nutrition partnership


Between visits: access curated content and securely message dietitians with on-the-go questions; your registered dietitian will update your provider on your progress


Follow-up visits: re-visit goals and troubleshoot barriers encountered between sessions

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How much does it cost?

While insurance coverage varies, our team checks your benefits before your appointment to ensure you have full transparency about what your insurance plan covers to prevent surprise bills.

What happens in your first appointment?

During the initial appointment, your dietitian will ask you questions to better understand your health history. They will provide nutrition education and you will set goals together. They will also share a number of resources with you that you will be able to access on the computer or phone.

Do I need a smartphone?

Sylvan’s dietitians are prepared to conduct sessions over the phone or virtually via our platform–we will cater to your preferences!

 Does seeing a dietitian mean that I will have to cut out food groups altogether?

Absolutely not! It is extremely rare that a dietitian would ask you to eliminate an entire food group. Each group contains a unique profile of vitamins and minerals that are essential to supporting the body's growth and performance. The most important priority is ensuring you are meeting all of your nutrient needs.

How many appointments will I have with my registered dietitian?

This depends on your insurance, but your dietitian would like to meet with you as many times as necessary to help you achieve independence and confidence in managing your health with food.

Can members of my family participate in the session with me?

Yes, and we encourage it! Nutrition education and how to apply it is a family affair. Food is often the center of family events and fellowship. It is important that everyone is on board with any changes and the reason behind them.

How do I make an appointment with Sylvan?

If you are interested in scheduling an appointment, please call Sylvan Health at 833-279-5826


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