About Sylvan

In a world where diet is the single most important predictor of health, it is critical that nutrition become an integrated part of healthcare. Our team of population health experts is focused on building a robust nutrition care model supported by our team of dietitians and navigators that offers nutrition counseling, food resource support, meal planning, and access to condition-specific content.

Sylvan makes personalized nutrition accessible and affordable to patients helping them live more fulfilling and healthier lives. We work with health plans and providers to increase access, improve clinical outcomes, and reduce the total cost of care for patients.

With both chronic disease prevalence and healthcare costs continuing to rise to unsustainable heights, we believe that a smarter approach to nutrition is needed to treat the underlying root causes.


Our Mission

To create a new standard of care by making clinical nutrition accessible, effective and personalized.

Our Story

Our vision is to empower patients to live healthier lives by making personalized nutrition more accessible and affordable

To realize this vision, we had to reimagine the way our health system incorporates nutrition into outpatient care:


Building a nationwide network of dietitians capable of seeing patients covered by insurance.

Educating our partners on the clinical efficacy of a comprehensive nutrition program.

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Tailoring our program to the specific needs of individual patients including chronic disease management and social determinants of health.

Designing processes to identify and engage patients at the optimal time in their healthcare journey.


Delivering tools like meal planning and educational content to help patients accomplish their goals.

This is what we do, every day.

Together with our partners, we are working toward a world where one day every patient can leverage nutrition to take charge of their health and improve their lives.

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