What is it really like to work with a dietitian?

Whether you’ve been referred to Sylvan by your doctor to manage a current medical diagnosis, are eager to improve overall wellbeing and quality of life, or are simply curious to learn more about healthy eating, our Registered Dietitians (RDs) are here to help!

If you’ve never met with an RD, it can be intimidating to attend your first visit. Many patients don’t know what to expect and are left wondering…

Will the dietitian tell me that I have to give up my favorite foods?

Will the dietitian recommend foods I can’t afford or don’t have access to?

What if I don’t have the time or the skills to cook my own food at home? 

At Sylvan, your dietitian’s top priority is to meet you exactly where you are in your health journey. This means they will customize your nutrition plan to fit your health goals, food preferences, budget, and lifestyle! They will provide personalized care from the comfort of your home through visits over the phone or computer, and you can even exchange secure messages between appointments. Let’s take a look at what your experience with a dietitian could be like…

1. Schedule an Appointment:

Sylvan matches you with a dietitian who specializes in your condition. Before you meet with your dietitian, let’s make sure you’re on our platform! Ask your doctor for a referral or give us a call at (833)-279-5826 to schedule your own appointment!

2. Prepare for Your Visit:

When you schedule your first appointment, you will be given the option to meet with your dietitian through a video call on your computer or over the phone. If you choose to meet over video, will receive an email that includes a link to your consult. You will also receive an invitation to fill out a few forms, much like you would at a doctor’s office. One form is a nutrition assessment that provides your dietitian with critical information to meet your needs. 

3. Meet Your Dietitian:

When the day of your appointment arrives, you will click the link from your email to connect with your dietitian one-on-one, or your dietitian will call you if you choose to have a phone appointment. They will start by taking the time to get to know you, your lifestyle, any medical conditions or diagnoses you may currently have, and the health goals that are most important to you. Your dietitian will take time during your first visit to review topics from your nutrition assessment. This is also a great time for you to get to know your dietitian!

I really enjoy talking to [my dietitian]. The fact that she called me at home made it seem like talking to a friend on the phone.

– Sylvan Health Patient

4. Set for Success:

your dietitian will work with you to provide education, tools, and support tailored to your nutrition needs. This may include collaborating with you to form a health-supporting meal plan that includes your favorite foods and restaurants, shopping budget, and overall lifestyle. No extreme diets here! Our dietitians are experts at providing recommendations that patients can stick to and enjoy, and they will focus on helping you find success with small changes that directly impact your wellbeing. 

5. Daily Support:

You’ve had a great first visit…now what? Through our easy-to-use Sylvan patient portal, you can exchange  secure messages with your dietitian to ask questions, share updates, and seek support between appointments. In addition, your dietitian may provide take-home handouts, recipes, restaurant guides, or shopping lists to help you find daily success in your nutrition journey. This is an exciting time to start tracking progress! 

[My dietitian] really clarified some things I had been confused about concerning carbohydrates. I thought I was supposed to do away with them completely, but now I understand that the goal is to keep my blood sugar from jumping up and down . She is a good listener. She didn’t tell me I had to give up chocolate or eat fruit. I came away from the conversation feeling empowered. Thank you!

– Sylvan Health Patient

6. Overcome Challenges & Celebrate Wins:

Health is a journey, not a destination. Your dietitian is your teammate every step of the way. They help you navigate challenges as they arise and are the first to celebrate with you when you reach a breakthrough! Your dietitian will even send updates to your referring provider, ensuring you receive the best care possible. Here’s just one example of what a success story can look like…

I had a physical done in early June (40 year-old check-up) and was told I was overweight (250lbs @ 6’), had high cholesterol , borderline blood pressure problems and given family history was a prime candidate for diabetes, and heart disease…I thank my lucky stars I was connected with [my Sylvan dietitian] in mid-July! With her help and guidance, I am down 50lbs, my blood pressure has improved to better than it was at 18. More importantly than that with [my dietitian]’s help I am mastering my relationship with food.

– Sylvan Health Patient

7. Enjoy Lifelong Health:

Most patients engage in multiple visits with their dietitian. They love it that much! Depending on your insurance coverage, your benefits may include multiple visits per year, as well as follow-up visits for years to come. No matter what, know that you can reach out to your dietitian or re-connect with Sylvan anytime. Our goal is to improve your health for today and promote long-term health for a lifetime.

The changes I have been able to make have bled over into the rest of my life…There are generally very few people who you will meet that will change your entire life and I am very glad to say that for me that person is [my dietitian]!

– Sylvan Health Patient

Ready to take the next step in your health journey? Give us a call at (833)-279-5826 to get scheduled today. 90% of our patients have zero out-of-pocket cost and we’ll check your insurance coverage to help you make the most of your benefits. We can’t wait to work with you!

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